Promote the beauty of chinese characters

Reiterative Chinese Ancient Character Series

A series of auspicious postcards with ancient, reiterative Chinese characters to carry forward the beauty of Chinese culture.

  • Category / Typography, Graphic design
  • Published / 2013.6
  • Creater / Julio Huang
  • Site / None
  • Client / Chinese Linguipedia Organization

Discover the beauty

It is a fact that Chinese character is not just a character, but it is also an art. Every stroke in the character forms a beautiful combination of a meaning.

The reiterative Chinese character postcard design, 10 pieces included in one series, aims to promote the beauty and wisdom of Chinese characters.

All of the choosed characters have something in common - they are ancient words and rarely used nowadays, and the most special part, they are all consist of reiterative characters.

The versual design of every postcard is based on the character's implication. Friends or families that receive the postcards can guess the character's pronunciation and meaning together and also learn the beautical art of Chinese typography by interacting with each other, which are both entertaining and educational.

As best wishes

In addition to self-collection, this Chinese characters series can used as greeting cards. People can write down their best wishes on the back and send them to their beloved friends. Every character has auspicious meaning; for instance, "嚞" means man of wisdom, and "闁" stands for compliment and praise. By doing so, the postcard series achieves the grestest of its value to spread the beauty of Chinese characters.

In addition to self-collection, this characters design series can used as greeting cards.

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