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A resume that represents myself. Half-potato-rock symbolizes me being soft and firm, and proactive to every possibility that may make our life better and easier.

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  • Published / 2014.11
  • Creater / Julio Huang
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Me at first glance

One day my professer asked us in class,

"If you have to design a resume to represent yourself one day, what would you like it to be?"

I couldn't come up with a picture that represented in my mind in the first place. I considered myself as an easy-going, modest designer and also a perfectionist that always try to make everything present at its best way, but these personal charactoristics couldn't construct a real me. What I want should be more precise and stronger that the one that sees the cover of my resume would say "oh this is Julio!".

Soft and Hard

I started analyzing myself deeper, roughly listed all personalities that matched me and found that every personality of me could be symbolized as "soft" and "hard" part.

For instance, proactiveness can describe willing to make things happen, instead of waiting for them to happen to me, which implies soft part, and can describe controlling a situation by causing something to happen, which tends to be hard and firm.

Both fo the descriptions match the word "proactiveness", but they don't stand in the opposite way. We just define this personality in different aspects, and this concept totally meets the core value of presenting myself:

I am proactive, in soft and steady ways, to discover every subtle possibility that may make our life better and easier.

To deliver a feeling that softness and hardness existing in one individual, I chose half potato, which stands for softness and moderateness, and half rock that means hardness to be main visaul identity on the cover of my resume.

"I'm proactive to discover every subtle possibility that may make our life better and easier."

When opening the outer skin of the resume, you'll see the rock-like potato (or potato-like rock) is actually floating above the sky with clouds as background around it, telling you that I am soft and hard, calm and open-minded, white and clear like a man sitting meditation, and I'm ready for new challenges and cases.

Julio Huang

  • As a Taipei born designer and illustrator specializing on branding, UX and UI, I aim to communicate strong ideas with well-visualized images and better user experiences while maintaining style consistency and intuitiveness between people and design.

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