Illustration to introduce Susu

Susu Backpacker Inn Visual

Promote the beauty of the countryside in Tienwei, Taiwan and use watercolor to make the inn more warm and approachable to visitors.

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  • Published / 2014.5
  • Creater / Julio Huang
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  • Client / Susu Backpacker

What is Susu?

Susu is a backpacker inn located in 彰化田尾鄉 (Tianwei, Changhua province, Taiwan), a tranquil countryside where is notable for fresh air, slow livingstyle, and a large garden spreading around in the village - Tianwei Highway Garden, a large botanical recreation area producing the most varieties of flowers in Taiwan.

photo by Sung-fu Chen

Passion of the host

Cheng, the host of Susu backpacker, has being passionate about remaining traditional rural living style and inheriting the cultural value of weaving and building that are almost lost in modern city nowadays. Cheng had been a barber in Taipei, far away from his hometown - Changhua, for years, but he realized that his life had shifted into something that felt more like a rat–race.

Making up his mind, Cheng went back to his hometown, rearranged the farm, and collected any materials that were useful like driftwoods and rocks from everywhere in Taiwan to bulid a spectaculer inn.

Furthermore, Cheng even made use of the almost lost skill - 古町畚 (a urn that constructed by bamboo-weaving and covered with plaster to store wheat, which is common in traditional farming village) to apply to another cabin. You can sleep in the large urn which is totally built by weaved bamboo with plastered cover and you can still see the weaved-bamboo texture. What a great experience to sleep in it!

Spread relaxing rural pace

Soon after Cheng runned the backpaker inn, more and more travelers knew this place and came to stay here while traveling, and to enjoy the slow pace and fresh air by the country road. Most of the visiters were also backpacker, just as Cheng. Cheng also provided bicycles for visitors to wander in Tianwei and other towns.

Nevertheless, he had to introduce every visitors Susu and the surroundings, and there's no guide brochure or free postcard to represented "Susu" when visitors wanted something to keep as meomento. The most important of all, he wanted more people to know and travel to his beautiful hometown, given that nowadays more people choose to emergrate to big city rather than stay in countryside, so when I traveled there and witnessed the scene, I decided to start this project to spread Cheng's ambition and the beauty of this place.

Make it approachable

To introduce the beauty of the countryside and make the backpacker inn more warm and approachable to visitors, I use watercolor painting to draw the guide map rather than cold, stiff software drawing.

Continuity of value

Besides, I designed a serie of postcards for visiters to collect or send to their friends and family, letting them know this great place. Name card design is also included in spreading the value of Susu.

Use watercolor painting to make the backpacker inn more warm and approachable

photo by 黃胤銜

Susu's member

These cabins and gardens in Susu were all built by Cheng himself, with collected driftwoods and other recycling materials. There're two cabins, a picnic pavilion, a bathroom, a shower room and a iris garden. Cheng's original house is just near by them.

As the map shows, Tienwei township is just like a big garden full of colorful flowers and green farms. With this guide map, people can ride the bikes to other towns to explore. There are also some recommended spot on two sides of the map.

The other side of the map is introduction of Susu and the host, Cheng. This guide map is not just a map, it's an artwork that represent the image value of Susu and Tienwei.

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