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Wuan Chuang Soy Sauce

Redesign the visual identity of century-old soy sauce company and create a new, fresh look of package aiming at tourist as souvenir and season gift.

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  • Published / 2013.4
  • Creater / Julio Huang
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Historical Brand Renewing

Wuan Chuang Soy Sauce(丸莊醬油) is a century-old, well-known soy sauce brand located in the famous soy sauce producing town of Shiluo, Taiwan. Recognized as the most popular gourmet soy sauce on Taiwan, it has been brewed using the same natural process for generations.

Over years, the reputation of Wuan Chuang Soy Sauce has being spread out of domestic market, but how to grab customers' attention and make them recognize this brand from hundreds of other similar soy sauces in the first eye when they are placed together in the market?

Make soy sauce not only a food product

The current packages and logotype of the products are traditional and conservative, hence I rebrand the corporate, redesign the typeface and create a whole new packaging design for soy sauce. This new version of soy sauce is suitable especially for tourists who want to buy as souvenir or season gift.

This handy brewing-inspired packaging not only keeps it safe but looks good too.

The concept of the package is developed from the Chinese earthenware jar (or urn), which was a household item used to store goods and make fermented food like fruit wine or soysauce. Equipped with a lid, the surface was glazed to prevent water damage to stored goods. It's common to see the red cloth used as lid to cover the jar for the reason that red color symbolizes good fortune and auspiciousness in Chinese culture.

In the package, I remain the urn's figure and the "sealed" concept. With the urn-opening process, the soysauce is going to be more visually mellow as if you are just opening a jar of brewed soysause and the rich, aromatic air greeting your nose. When the customer take off the cloth, open the lid, the front side of the lower half package will fall down, so the product inside can present itself, and the showcase turns to be like a stage for the bottle of soysauce.

Set as a highlight in this version of this package, the package-opening experience not only catches customers' eye among many other similar soy sauce brand, but also impresses the receiver with its subtle and clever design.

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